Monday, April 15, 2013


Hellooo Everyone!

This blogspot is where I'll be updating my progress, dropping photos, video, and likely ranting a bunch about my Tiny House project!

If you know me I've likely talked your ear off about what a Tiny House is and why they are so empirically Awesome...  This is a project I've been planning and working toward for the last four years now. Finally underway! YESSS

For those who have no idea, a Tiny House is a micro home built on wheels. Why would you want to do that you ask?!

1. NO Codes!
                      Build whatever your heart desires... Save for the laws of physics, safety and reason.
2. NO Mortgage!
                      Deal with that Banksters! I won't spend half my life trying to pay off interest.
3. Its Green!
                      Because of its size and low cost (compared to a conventional home) you can make it unbelievably efficient.

I'll be updating this page weekly. More to come soon!



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