Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey All, I need your advice!

I'm at a crossroads with design and could use your opinion. I changed my design at the suggestion of a fabricator I ended up not working with, to exclude angle iron around the exterior of my frame to drill through and attach walls to. His reasoning was that by using rectangular steel tubing for the exterior frame I'd get more than enough structural strength, and I could just "Lag into it."

In the time since I made this design change I've gotten advice from two friends who's opinion I trust, Paul Borella, and Edgar Mayen (both ex welders), to  NOT drill into the frame, and to go back and weld sacrificial angle to the exterior. Pic below.

So what do you think "A" or "B"? Why? Drop a comment below. 
If you don't have a G+ account just drop it on FB.

Is there a way to make plan "A" workable? What actual risks am I taking on?
Or do I need to bite the bullet and hire a welder to get new steel up there for "B"?

If so does any one have a suggestion of a solid welder looking for a few hours work in the Salem/Corvallis area?

Thanks All,


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