Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Walls and Attatchments

I've had a busy few weeks! Between work and other projects I have managed to make some headway here.

I chose to go with plan B for wall attachment. I tracked down a welder off Craigslist to attach my sacrificial angle-iron. Thanks Paul Borella, & Ian Frank for the further advice! Bought iron and am currently getting it cut to length and in place. The prep work of sanding down the trailer surface to have a clean place to weld has been more time consuming than expected, powder coating really likes to hang on!

Today's Note To Self:

Apparently the 12" DeWalt miter saw has a PLASTIC fitting on the back to guide sawdust away.
It doesn't hold up so well to the fiery storm of spark and slag that is the product of cutting metal. Take that off next time...

In other news:

I had framing lumber delivered! This is everything needed for walls. I'll buy materials for the sub-floor, roof, and lofts down the line. I'll be able to work over the next few weeks to pre-fabricate each section and rough fit them before assembly. No kidding It felt like Christmas in a Folgers commercial when I woke to the sound of a flatbed pulling up with my lumber this morning! I was damn giddy :)

My workspace is put together at last!  I've managed to Tetris my way into space for lumber, bench, storage for wall sections and a spot for my bike.  I can tell its going to be tight for a while.

My task list outside of the welding prep work for the trailer and beginning the wall sections, 

I've got to:

1. Pick up a nail gun on the cheap.

2. Make a list of brackets and bolts for the walls.

3.  Replace a section of the plywood decking on the trailer. The boards flexed up enough that they are 3/4" over the frame which would keep the walls from sitting flush. I may be able to get away with flipping the boards over. We'll see!



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