Tuesday, May 7, 2013


What am I building!?

I started off designing in an old architectural design program call Punch Pro Platinum. It was very simple and a great sandbox to get used to basic layouts. These are some of the original concepts I threw around. 
Later on, my sister, Sarah (who was working on her Bachelors of Interior Architecture from UofO) turned me on to SketchUp Which is now owned by Trimble, but developed by Google. 

THANK YOU! This program is sweet!

If you are even thinking of building a Tiny House get this program and play around! SketchUp gives you the ability to build damn near anything you can dream up, has workable lighting, physics add-ons, and access to a database of Billions of designs from other users for FREE.

Below are some of my more current designs. They have fundamentally the same layout as above, save for a few tweaks.

I'll put up some more of these as I make my way through designing the kitchen, bathroom, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. I'm in the process of getting hard data for each module.




  1. Joe- AWESOME job how about some deminsions what size beds do you plan on using in lofts ? and is that a walk in shower in the bathroom ? This is by far the BEST plan I have seen looking to build for a family of 3 people and a few pets ....Keep up the GREAT work !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow lag on my part, sorry, I need to update this. I've got a queen-sized futon in the loft. A standard mattresswould take up too much space vertically. But it still leaves space for a shelf/ organizer upstairs. Pretty sweet. :) Shower will be a walk in yep! Thanks!!